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Our soaps are all-natural, handmade, toxin and GMO free.  Each soap’s base consists of soybean oil, goat’s milk, olive and coconut oil, sodium hydroxide, shea butter, distilled water, emu oil, vegetable glycerin and Vitamin E.  Essential oils are added for their amazing aroma and homeopathic benefits.

Product Bundles

Save by purchasing an AMS bundle. Customize the bundle by choosing your favorite AMS scents.  Give them as a gift or enjoy them yourself.

Kidz Soap

Our All-Natural Goat’s Milk Soap in scents just for KIDZ!

Furry Friends

Your Furry Friends can benefit from our all-natural soaps, salves, and sprays made just for them!

Hunter's Earth

When heading into the woods and wanting to mask your scent, we have you covered. Hunter’s Earth Soap and Scent Masking Refresher Spray erases human scents naturally. Hunter’s Earth Soap and Refresher Spray repel bugs too. No toxins, GMOs or DEET!

Even More!

Click here to view our all-natural, handmade lotions, oils,  sprays, salves, and balms. Accessories are also available at AMS.